MP-18 Irons (Musclebacks)

Sculpted by the company’s Yoro master craftsmen, the MP-18 is a throwback to the musclebacks of Mizuno’s past.  A shorter blade length, cambered top line and steep progression into sharp, compact wedges are the marks of Mizuno’s iconic clubmakers and are grain-flow forged in Hiroshima, Japan for the most colourful feedback imaginable.

“We significantly shifted the balance of science and art with the MP-18s,” says Mizuno’s senior club engineer Chris Voshall. “You can instantly notice a greater input from the master craftsmen in that the MP-18 is more like the blades that made Mizuno famous – just more precise in its flow and manufacturing. At impact, this is just about perfection.”


MP-18 SC (The Player’s Cavity Back)


The new MP-18 SC is a compact cavity back – sensitively reworked by the same master craftsmen who created multiple Major-winning iron sets.  A slightly wider, cambered sole makes this more playable than the muscle back. The thin, tapered top line, short head length and smaller wedges mean this is very much a tour-ready iron. Grain flow forged in Hiroshima for the most colourful feedback through impact.

The MP-18 SC is an iron that combines a lot of practical needs – stability, workability and softness at impact with our craftsmen’s desire for immaculate looks over the ball,” says Voshall. “Although the sole is a little wider than the muscleback, from every playing position, the two models blend beautifully as a mixed set. The MP-18 SC wedges don’t taper off as dramatically in size as the muscle back – so between the two models better players will find something that suits their eye.”


MP-18 MMC (Multi-Metal Cavity)

These irons are the result of a three-year project lead by Mizuno’s Yoro master craftsmen to develop a highly stable, forgiving multi-metal construction iron that satisfied their aesthetic demands at address. Even with both lightweight Titanium and heavier tungsten parts sealed within its 1025E mild carbon steel head, the MP-18 MMC maintains a similar ‘tour ready’ profile and size to the MP-18 SC.

“The MP-18 MMC is the first multi-material MP iron built in the vision of our master clubmakers – which set standards for looks and aesthetics that this kind of multi-metal construction typically prohibits,” says Voshall. “It extended our normal two-year development cycle by a full year but raising the bar that little bit higher delivered a landmark iron.”


MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi

The finishing touch to an MP-18 set, the long iron replacement now used by every Mizuno tour player.  A higher-flying option with steeper landing angles, engineered with a profile acceptable to Mizuno Yoro master clubmakers. The sleek new profile now envelopes a Maraging steel face, Tungsten toe weight and internal pocket for enhanced ball speed and ease of use.

“The Fli-Hi is very much a fixture on tour now – even the most classically minded players have converted to the No.2 and No.3 iron replacements. These are worlds away from heavily offset ‘game improvement’ hybrids – but much easier than a traditional long iron to flight and land in firm conditions,” says Voshall.

The new MP-18 range of irons will launch in Australia in mid September.

See mizunogolf.com.au for more.

Callaway Forrester


Forrester 2.0 Cart Bags

Forrester cart bags have been Callaway’s best selling golf bags for more than a decade. Forrester 2.0 cart bags are designed to hold anything you would ever need on the golf course, as well as keep it organised. Featured pockets include a strategically placed sunglasses and mobile phone pocket, velour-lined waterproof valuables pocket and a thermal-lined cooler pocket large enough to get you through a whole round. A hidden pocket at the bottom conceals a full-sized rain cover for those harsh weather days. To complete the look, it comes equipped with an external putter tube and it’s designed with stylish fabrics that make this the perfect bag for any golfer.

RRP: $299.99.

For more information, go to callaway.com.au


DNA Helix Shoe

Inspired by that heritage of success, DNA Helix was developed from the ground up based on specific feedback from the world’s best players who value the combination of flexibility and comfort but requested more platform stability, particularly in the heel area of the shoe.

FootJoy DNA Helix

“I’ve worn every version of DNA and this is by far the best for me,” said Scott Stallings. “The additional support they built in, especially laterally as I move back and through the ball, is fantastic.”

DNA Helix is 38 percent more stable than its predecessor thanks to a new NitroThin 3.0 TPU outsole and increased width between the cleat receptacles in the heel for more surface coverage underfoot.

The new outsole also features strategically placed cut-outs in the TPU to expose more of the softer midsole which contributes to this outsole being 23 percent lighter than the previous version as well as being more flexible.

SRP: $339.95 with Boa System; $299.95 laced.

Learn more at footjoy.com.au


Pro V1 & Pro V1x Balls

The new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have been in play for a few months now and tour players are making their choice between the new V and X models.

The company’s catch-cry is Titleist is the No.1 ball for more players and more champions across the worldwide

Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x Balls

professional tours, and thus far in 2017 Titleist golf ball players have recorded 46 victories around the globe, more than three times the nearest competitor. Since its introduction in 2000, the Pro V1 golf ball franchise has been the ball of choice for more than 2,600 champions worldwide, including Australia’s Adam Scott, who can’t believe the distance he is getting with the V model.

“I think the remarkable thing with the new Pro V1 is how far it goes now,” Scott says. “I’m hitting it longer than I ever have but I also have that soft feel like when I grew up playing a balata golf ball – it’s incredibly soft. The flight with the new Pro V1 is exactly what I’m looking for. It just wants to stay up in the air with that penetrating ball flight. That’s a really nice feeling when I can ease back on a shot and the ball flight I’m looking for, even when it’s into the wind.”

American star Rickie Fowler is also a fan of the Pro V1. “The X and the V are two awesome options but the reason I’m on the V is because it spins less with irons and it doesn’t spin too much with the wedges,” he says. “Feel is everything. The Pro V1 feels soft but not too soft. It has that solid feel. The golf ball is obviously a very important piece and it has to feel good for everything else to work, too.”

Interestingly, British and Australian Open champion Jordan Spieth prefers the flight of the X model. “I put the new Pro V1x in play in Australia and in the first week we won,” Spieth says. “What I noticed immediately was the improved flight. It held its line in the crosswinds better. A couple of shots that were going off-line stayed closer to the fairway or closer to the green, which allowed me to save par when I may have been in trouble. Golf is a game of misses. When you mishit one, if it’s not really going as far off line. That makes a significant difference for us, and it makes even more of a difference for amateurs.”

Which model will you choose?

To find out more about the Titleist golf ball fitting philosophy, visit the Titleist Australia-New Zealand website at titleist.com.au/golf-ball-fitting


F-MAX Irons

The F-MAX irons family comprises of both men’s and women’s versions of F-MAX variable length and F-MAX One Length set make-ups. Each combines super lightweight designs with the best-in-game improvement technologies to deliver Cobra’s most forgiving and easy-to-hit irons ever.     

Cobra F-Max Irons

The Cobra Golf F-MAX irons utilise an ultralight configuration in which lighter shafts and lighter swing weights promote maximum clubhead speed and greater distance for moderate swing speeds. In addition, the F-MAX irons feature larger, Lamkin REL 360 midsize grips (soft compound men’s standard size grips on women’s irons) that deliver a lighter swing weight and improve comfort and consistency on long, mid and short iron shots.

Cobra Golf’s F-MAX One Length irons feature all the same great super game improvement technologies with the simplicity of a single length set make-up. The F-MAX One Length irons have been reengineered to match 7-iron weighting throughout the set, and are designed with optimised constructions for more consistent ball striking, accuracy and distance gapping from long irons to wedges. Larger, midsize grips with reduced taper, improve comfort and consistency, while lighter shafts and swing weights promote maximum clubhead speed and distance for moderate swing speeds. The One Length version uses Lamkin REL 360 Midsize Plus grips in blue and red (softer compound standard men’s size in the women’s irons in a pink and blue colourway), with a red and blue Cobra Superlite 60 shaft in graphite in ladies or senior flex. Lastly, the ladies set utilises a Cobra Superlite 55 shaft in graphite.    

The Cobra Golf F-MAX irons are available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, GW and SW. RRP: $129.95 per iron (steel) or $149.95 per iron (graphite). 

See cobragolf.com.au for more


O-Works Red Putters

Odyssey has introduced an extension of red putters to its pioneering O-Works line. After feedback from Callaway staff professionals, who have already put prototype models into play on tour, the striking new O-Works red putters feature revolutionary Microhinge Face Insert Technology, offering unmatched roll for all levels of player. The face insert pairs a stainless steel Microhinge plate co-moulded into a Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, enabling the tiny hinges on the hitting surface to lift the ball into a better roll at impact. The technology makes the putter face more flexible, meaning all golfers will see increased top-spin and roll to their putts, even with a less-than-perfect putting stroke.

Odyssey O-Works Red Putters

Dr Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of research and development, Callaway Golf, said: “The head colour has been generating a lot of interest on tour this season, and a number of our players asked to test prototypes combining our Microhinge Insert Technology with a red finish. We know that if the best players like something and putt well with it, real golfers are definitely going to like it, too.”

Odyssey O-Works Red Putters feature a variety of tour proven shapes – including the iconic 2-Ball, #7, R-Line, V-Line Fang – and introduces an innovative new #7S model. This short slant neck version of the #7, one of the most prolific, tournament-winning putters of all time, provides more toe hang, which has become a popular setup for professionals. Odyssey O-Works Red Putters will be in store from mid September.

RRP: $349.99.

For more information about the complete Odyssey product range, go to odysseygolf.com.au

Peter Thomson

Signature Range Balls

The PT2 is a quality three-piece low compression technology for slower swing speeds to gain extra distance and greenside ball control. This is a 55 compression ball with maximum spin control and precision accuracy.

RRP: $49 per dozen.


The PT3 uses performance three-piece spin control technology for longer distance. It boasts a soft feel for short game performance – an 85 compression ball making it the height of perfection. Suitable for the harder-hitting, higher swing speed player looking for impact control.

RRP: $59 per dozen.

Ask your local PGA professional about the new Peter Thomson Signature Range or go to peterthomsongolf.com

Gentleman Jack

Just like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed before going into the barrel. Gentleman Jack, however, is then charcoal mellowed again after reaching maturity, giving it ultimate smoothness. Gentleman Jack is full-bodied with fruit and spices, and its finish is silky, warm, and pleasant. Visit gentlemanjack.com


Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Golf has introduced its latest innovative laser rangefinder, Pro X2. In an effort to continue catering to

Bushnell Pro X2

more than 95 percent of US PGA Tour pros and top amateurs who trust Bushnell laser rangefinders, the Pro X2 is engineered with Slope-Switch Technology, allowing the golfer to easily toggle in and out of Bushnell’s patented slope mode. The new function allows the golfer to utilise Slope to get compensated distances when needed and have an R&A and USGA-conforming device for tournament play.

The Pro X2 has rubber-armoured metal housing that makes the device fully IPX7 waterproof, incredible range capabilities of up to 1,300 yards (450+ yards to a flag), second-generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) and PinSeeker with JOLT Technology. Dual Display Technology allows users to easily toggle between the bright red display featuring VDT (Vivid Display Technology) or the crisp black display.

When the golfer aims the Pro X2 at the flag, JOLT Technology will provide short, vibrating bursts to reinforce Bushnell’s advanced PinSeeker Technology has isolated the target and locked onto the flag. The vibrating bursts provided by JOLT Technology will assure golfers have the exact distance to the flag.

The Pro X2 is now available at Bushnell retailers.